The Verve CD Review - September 10, 2008

The Verve
By Brandon Goulding
Yeah, they were super cool in the ‘90s, but so were jean jackets and mullets.
Luckily, unlike some other relics of the decade, the Verve is as good today as they were 11 years ago.

Back together after a long hiatus due to “creative struggles” between band members, the Verve has blended solid drumming, funky bass, ghostly guitar licks, and warm vocals into a bittersweet collection of songs in their fourth album, cleverly named Forth.

The album's first single, “Sit And Wonder,” draws you in like a moth to a flame with funky drum beats, great guitar interplay, and the Bono-esque vocals of lead singer Richard Ashcroft.

However, at almost seven minutes long, you may be left sitting and wondering when exactly the song will be over.
“I See Houses,” with its eerie piano and creepy-ass lyrics, is hauntingly captivating and makes you want to put the song on repeat so you can just lie down and listen for hours.

For you blues junkies out there, listen to “Numbness” to hear some stellar guitar playing overlaid with simple vocals and driven by drummer Pete Salisbury’s uphill rhythm.

Dysfunctional as they were and are, the band has strung together a solid senior album. Forth is an eclectic balance of noise and musicianship revolving around a medium tempo that will keep your head bobbing.

Now, let’s just wait for them to break up and get back together again in about three years so we can enjoy yet another decent ‘90s throwback.

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