Sonny Tripp CD Review - February 2009

Sonny Tripp
Sonny Tripp
Alt Rock
By Brandon Goulding
What do you get when you mix three guys, a log cabin, and two days in late December? No, not some lame Jackass rip-off. You get a debut album of local band Sonny Tripp, comprised of Ryan Taylor, Dicky Stricklando, and Chris Donnelly. Personally, I had not heard of Sonny Tripp until I was browsing around CD Plus when an employee/friend recommended I'd give this album a listen. Since it was only six bucks I thought, "why not?"
I ended up being pleasantly surprised. With songs largely driven by drummer Dicky Stricklando, along with searing guitar riffs, and a groovy bass, this album is a great find. songs like "I can't imagine and "so long" are reminiscent of old school Collective Soul (back in the days "Shine").
"Police Car" showcases some of the band's best qualities - great drumming, a catch vocal hook, and fine guitar and bass performances that all compliment each other very well. "Low Key Flow" changes things up a little with a slow Deathcab-like song that is immensely mellow.
One downside of the album is the lack of diversity. All the tracks, with the exception of "Low Key Flow" sound very similar. After about five songs, Sonny Tripps sound gets a little monotonous and leaves you looking for a little something different. However, this does not take away from the bands musicianship. Some guitar licks are nothing less than brilliance, the vocals are solid, and the drumming is stellar.
Keep an eye out for these guys. Since forming in 2007, Sonny Tripp has developed a great sound and has great potential for local success. The next time you guys are in CDPlus or Fred's Records why not pick up "Sonny Tripp" and give it a listen for yourself. At only six dollars this is definitely a gem.

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