Slippery Couch

We finally got our couch yesterday. It took a long time, but it's here. So then came the trial-and-error of where it (along with the rest of the furniture) should be located in the room. We have a pretty small space, so this was a challenge - but after a bit of arguing and moving around we finally have our living/dining room the way we want it. We still aren't officially settled in- still some boxes to unpack, curtains to buy, etc...

One thing about the couch, it slips around on the floor like mad. For such a large object it sure moves easily. I found a product online that looks promising though. It's called STAYfurniture grippers. I had to order them, so it'll be a while before they're shipped.

I have myself a mini-dilemma right now. I have an interview on Friday with Nubody's, and they seem very interested in me. That is not the dilemma. This is: I had an interview with the Physioclinic a couple weeks back and it seems promising, except I won't know if I got the job until sometime next week. As the situation stands I could get both jobs and have to choose between them, so I'll have to weigh my options here. At the Physioclinic I will be working as a kinesiologist, but the job is in Dartmouth. At Nubody's I will be working as a personal trainer and the job is in Halifax. So do I pick the job that is closer to home or that is in a clinic. What if I don't get either job? That will definitely suck, that's a whole different kind of dilemma. Anyway, I'm off to find a public library so I can scan a document for email. Cheers.

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