Propagandhi CD Review - March 2009

Supporting Caste
G7 Welcoming Committee/Smallman Records
By: Brandon Goulding
Before you go any further reading this review know this, I am not an expert it this partical genre of anarcho-punk. I reviewed this album with an open mind and focused on musicianship and the feel of the album. Now, into the meat and potatoes.
Supporting Caste, Propagandhi’s fifth studio album, is a heavy sounding, upbeat, no-holds-bar album. Charged by politics, religion, and various touchy subjects, Propagandhi stays true to former works by being out-spoken. However, I found reading the lyrics more enjoyable than listening to them. The songs had a very disjunctive feel to them, which made following them difficult.
The album as a whole has a very heavy driving tone to it that, frankly, I did not enjoy. Right off the bat you are hit with a guitar hero reject song, “Night Letters,” which pretty much defines the sound of the rest of the album – loud guitars, aggressive drumming, a screaming vocals. Staying true to being heavy, loud, and aggressive, “This is Your Life” scared the piss out of me when it started playing. However, an album like this is not entirely a bad thing. You know what you’re getting from the get-go, and if you can get past the lack of diversity you might actually enjoy it. It’s like that episode of “How I meet your mother” where Barney makes a mixed CD that is all up, no downs.
Now I don’t want to come off sounding like I despised this album. In fact, there were a couple of gems that my old soul could handle. “The Banger’s Embrace” had good vocals, decent guitar licks and solid lyrics. “Last Will & Testament” provided something different than every other song on the album, good dynamics. A lengthy 3 minute into was perhaps the shining point of Supporting Caste for me. After those three minutes the song reverts to the driving beat and heavy guitars that defined the rest of the album.
While it may not have been my cup of tea, I can see Supporting Caste catering to the taste of many. It does have meaningful lyrics, intense drumming, and a consistent sound. Long time fans will not be disappointed, but those of you that are not heavy guitars and getting scream at might want to stay away.

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