Halifax is noisy

So, Sarah and I have been living in Halifax for a little over a week now and do you know what we figured out? This place is noisy in the mornings. Every morning since we've been in our apartment we've been awaken by something going on outside the door. Last friday it was the birds chirping (yeah, sounds cool, but it's damn annoying), Sunday it was the church bells which rang for like 3 minutes straight, and today there was someone using a chainsaw or another such tool right outside our window at 8:00. Seriously, does anyone in this town sleep in? Perhaps I'll have to get ear plugs.

Oh, and Hurricane Bill? More overrated than Greg Oden. No power outage, no fallen trees. I was half excited to light candles and have a night of it. I mean yeah, it's great that it didn't do any damage, but come on, not even any lightning? Oh well. Tomorrow we should be getting our couch, then we'll both be able to sit down at the same time. Cheers.

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