My First Impressions of Blink Fitness

Finally, I've started going to the gym again. I haven't went since I moved down to this wonderfully big, wonderfully strange, city. I joined blink fitness. It's dirt cheap - at just $20 a month for me and my wife - and clean, but there's a few things that I find lacking. This is by no means a scathing review of blink, it's just my impressions upon the first month of the place being open. 

Like I said, it's cheap, so perhaps I don't have too much to complain about, but dammit I will anyway. Here's my list.

  1. No 2.5lbs plates. Come on guys, seriously? A brand spanking new gym with like 100 treadmills and you couldn't spring for a half dozen 2.5lb weight plates? You expect people to jump a minimum of 10lbs if their trying to beat their personal best?

  2. Only two olympic bars in the whole place. TWO! which are both in squat racks. So if someone wants to do bench press they have to take up a whole squat rack to do it, leaving one bar for everyone else who wants to squat, deadlift, power clean, snatch, jerk... you get the picture. This is probably my biggest issue with the place honestly.

  3. Octagon weight plates. This isn't actually that big of an issue, but it's a little annoying when doing a deadlift. you can't roll the damn things to get the position, I always feel like I'm laying them dow askew, so I feel like I have to reset between reps. It'll probably just take some adjusting, but I like round plates better.
So that's about it really. I've made suggestions to the manager about getting 2.5lbs plates and adding a dedicated bench press. I don't really expect them to change to round plates, but that's just me being picky anyway. In another post I'm going to talk about the gym culture in some places like this big box type gyms. I haven't the energy to rant about it now, but here's a little preview. Free weights are not the enemy, personal trainers need more training, ladies need to lift heavy things!

Thanks for indulging me. I actually do really like the gym, I do. It's clean, lit's big, the staff is friendly, and the air conditioner works. It could be a lot worse, but I think a brand new gym has the opportunity to address issues head on in the beginning, so Imma tell 'em about it.

Happy Canada Day... Not very original post.

Happy Canada Day! I've only been in the USA for a couple months, but it's still long enough to make me miss home. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, but Canada is, well, Canada. We have polar bears, hockey, and Santa Claus.

I don't really have much else to say. By a stroke of luck I have the day off, but I didn't even get to sleep in because of street work outside my window. Damn jackhammers.

I hope my Canadian followers are having a fantastic day off and that you celebrate in style. Cheers for now.

Running Technique Infographic

This infographic was shared with me by Joe from the foot shop. I liked it. it's pretty. It's informative. I figure, why not share it with you lovely lot. He also shared this link about bare foot running with me.

Front Squats Make Climbing Hard... Netflix is Amazing

It sure has been a while. Who knew that moving to a new city, starting a new job, and having so much daily responsibility would take up all my time? No promises to be made about blogging more frequently, but I'll at least give it a shot.

I've honestly just haven't felt much like blogging about exercise or physical therapy since I moved here. For starters, I didn't join a gym until about a week ago, so I had a bit of a lull there. FYI, do not take three months off from lifting and do front squats the day before you have to climb five flights of stairs repeatedly the next day. Also, I don't know if you're all aware of this, but netflix is friggin' amazing. My wife and I just started Orange is the New Black. If that doesn't distract you from blogging/being productive then nothing will. 

Anyway, aside from all that, the job is going well. Right now I'm working in the school system until at least the end of the school year doing paediatric physical therapy. I will admit, it is not my strongest area. I'm very much a muscle and bones guy. Give me a busted knee and some low back pain, that's my bread-and-butter. The kids thing is fun though, and challenging. Supposedly that's something people want out of their career; to be challenged. I'm not sure if I fall into that vein. I like solving problems, I like diagnostics, but do I like to be challenged and pushed outside my comfort zone with PT? maybe. 

I'll make an effort to have more engaging posts when I think of them. Perhaps when I'm more in the swing of the job and getting back to lifting I'll have more to write about. In the meantime, if you like great pictures of NYC and of a fashionable lady, you should pop over to my wife's blog. she's much more consistent with the whole interwebs than I am. She even tweets, like daily. 

Musings After the Move

Yikes, it's been a while. I'm finally getting settled in NYC. Sarah and I have an apartment are are slowly filling it with things, doing some painting, things like that. The job is, well the job hasn't really begun yet. There's been a few things holding me back, like having to get my social security number, banking, paperwork. The company I'm working for is a staffing agency, which means when I do start I'll be bouncing around between different locations and different settings. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand it will give me good experience working with different groups and subgroups of patients, on the other hand I won't be so strongly focused on MSK. 

For example, I was supposed to start with a school on Friday past. It would have been a 2 month contract, since the school year ends in 2 months. I was excited and nervous about this opportunity. I love kids, I've work a lot with kids, but not as a physical therapist. I did my stint in college working as a counsellor at a day camp, I worked with church programs for kids, and I've worked as a sports instructor at The Little Gym. While great experience, they do not really prepare you for being a paediatric physical therapist. Sure, I've treated a couple kids here and there, but never my entire case load. That being said, working with children is one of the most rewarding things you can do, sooooo, two sides of the same coin right?

Anyway, that position ending up falling through because the school board double booked therapists for the school I was supposed to be in and the other guy showed up first, took the caseload, and that's all she wrote about it. Oh well.

So, that's a quick little update on what's going on. My apologies for not providing any content in the last month. It's been busy. I do have some posts planned, but I need to work on them. I'm sure when things become a bit more routine for me around these parts I'll get more consistent again.